Water Towers: Illinois

Aroma Park, Cincinatti Place

N 41.0809 – W 87.8057

Aroma Park, Lowe Road

N 41.0866 – W 87.8105

Ashkum, South 2nd Street

N 40.8792 – W 87.9544

Atterberry, Church Street

N 40.0611 – W 89.9234

Bloomington, Paper Chase Street

N 40.5370 – W 88.9437

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Burbank, 83th Street

N 41.7379 – W 87.7957

Centralia, South Oak Street (railway)

N 38.5273 – W 89.1353

Centralia, U.S. Route 51

N 38.4774 – W 89.1437

Centralia, Mitchell Lane

N 38.4958 – W 89.1405

Centralia, South Walnut Street

N 38.5202 – W 89.1401

Chenoa, South Division Street

N 40.7433 – W 88.7181

Chicago, North Michigan Avenue

N 41.8971 – W 87.6578

Chicago, Andersonville, North Clark Street

N 41.9767 – W 87.6679

Chicago, Belmont Gardens, West Belmont Avenue

N 41.9388 – W 87.7333

Chicago, Central Manufacturing District, West Pershing Road

N 41.8229 – W 87.6750

The 1918 book “Manufacturing and Wholesale Industries of Chicago” by J. Seymour Currey reports:
“Located at the head of Robey street [Damen Avenue], facing north on Thirty-ninth street [Pershing Road], in the exact frontage between Ashland and Western avenues, is the new Tower and Sprinkler building, from which water for fire protection purposes will be distributed through the utility tunnel system to every building in the new district.

The building is 40 feet by 40 feet in ground area and contains eight floors and basement. An automatic electric high-speed elevator has been installed in the building, making these floors most attractive for office and light manufacturing use.

At the top of the tower are two gigantic steel water tanks, one nesting in the other, each tank having a capacity of 125,000 gallons of water, thereby giving a total fire protection storage water supply of 250,000 gallons [2 x ca 475 m³ = 950 m³].

These tanks are entirely enclosed in brick and terra cotta, and on each of the four sides of the Tower, near the top, is a large clock face, each nearly 13 feet in diameter [ca 4 m], and lighted by electricity. Within the circle of clock figures is the seal of the Central Manufacturing District in color.”

Chicago, Rosemont, North River Road

N 41.9903 – W 87.8608

Chicago, Skokie, Central Avenue (industry)

N 42.0171 – W 87.7692

(MPC Products Corporation) 1

Chicago, Skokie, Central Avenue (industry)

N 42.0136 – W 87.7666

Collinsville, South Morrison Avenue (Catsup Bottle)

N 38.6629 – W 89.9822

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Collinsville, West Clay Street/North Seminary Street

N 36.6701 – W 89.9885

Elmwood Park, West Fullerton Avenue

N 41.9208 – W 87.8119

Fairbury, West Locust Street/North Webster Street

N 40.7471 – W 88.5182

Fairview Heights

N 38.5979 – W 89.9785

Frankfort, Frankfort Square, South Graceland Lane

N 41.5216 – W 87.8044

Frankfort, Raintree Lane

N 41.5055 – W 87.8317

Grayville, North 21nd Street

N 38.2583 – W 87.9996

Germantown Hills, Ten Mile Creek Road (1)

N 40.7621 – W 89.4725

Germantown Hills, Ten Mile Creek Road (2)

N 40.7618 – W 89.4729

Havana, East Main Street/North Pearl Street

N 40.3004 – W 90.0591

Sign at the tower.




Havana, West 1st Street/South Broadway Street

N 40.2926 – W 90.0613

Highwood, Sheridan Road

N 42.2105 – W 87.8155

Lewiston, North State Route 97

N 40.3935 – W 90.0828

Litchfield, West Columbus Street

N 39.1717 – W 89.6664


N 41.8174 – W 87.8203

Makanda, Giant City Lodge Road

N 37.5935 – W 89.1844

Metropolis, Gurley Road

N 37.1736 – W 88.6840

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Mid-America Airport

N 38.5460 – W 89.8078

Monee, Roosevelt Street

N 41.4253 – W 87.7577

Morton, South Detriot Avenue

N 40.6074 – W 89.4719

Mount Vernon, Opdyke Avenue

N 38.3135 – W 88.9002

Nashville, Enterprise Avenue

N 38.3682 – W 89.3707

Normal, Fell Park, East Cypress Street

N 40.5147 – W 88.9810

Fire destroyed commercial buildings on Beaufort Street in 1896 promting the Town to improve the water system. Plans to construct a water tower in City Park were postponed long enough to call on Jesse’s widow, Hester, asking for the deed to the park. Hester released the tract of land for one dollar and set the conditions of use “for park purposes only,” and that the brick tower with steel tank be placed according to her specifications.

The Standpipe
Work began on the water tower in 1898. The brick tower stands at 80 feet. The steel tank, removed in 1975, rose 52 feet above the tower with a capacty of 55,000 gallons. When the water tank was full, pumping to the tank was supposed to stop. However, “about once a week, the tower would spew over the nearby area of the park. In summer a cry would go out and… [neighborhood children] would splash in the man-made rain shower.” In winter long icicles would form. The overflow froze and children slid around on the ice.
A Brief History of Fell Park, Normal, IL, Wm. Walters, Jr.

Norridge, Tot Park

N 41.9598 – W 87.8094

North Riverside, West 25th Street

N 41.8451 – W 87.8075

Orland Park, Cherry Lane

N 41.6447 – W 87.8267

Orland Park

Palos Heights, Misty Meadow Drive

N 41.6495 – W 87.8193

Peoria Heights, North Grand View Drive

N 40.7470 – W 89.5748

The weather that day when the pictures were taken could not be better, and therefore no reason to keep the Observation Tower closed due to weather.
The emblem above was sitting on a pickup truck belonging to The Village of Peoria Heights.

Peoria Heights, East Toledo Avenue

N 40.7431 – W 89.5788

Rend Lake, Larry E Foster Parkway

N 38.0779 – W 98.9201

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Riverside, Pine Avenue

N 41.8277 – W 87.8210

Summit, West 59th Street

N 41.7841 – W 87.8041

Tinley Park, Cloverview Drive

N 41.5669 – W 87.8184

Western Springs, Hillgrove Avenue/Walnut Street

N 41.8098 – W 87.9009

Sign at the tower.
National Register of Historic Places June 4, 1981.

Sign at the tower.
The Water Tower

Erected in 1892 as part of the Western Springs Water System. The tower also housed the village offices until 1968. Designed by Benezette Williams, constructed of Naperville stone, cut and squared by hand on the premises. It was built without derrick, and financed by special assessment of property owners.

Height: 112 ft. Base diameter 36½ ft. Wall thickness 4 ft. Tank capacity 169.000 gallons.

Plaque placed by Western Springs Historical Society, Nov. 1973.