Eber’s water towers 2016

The leading trade journal in Sweden, VA-tidskriften Cirkulation has since 1998 an article series under the heading Ebers vattentorn (Eber’s water towers), where Eber Ohlsson with text and photo presents interesting water towers in the world (except Scania and Sweden). Below is a free translation to English of these texts.

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 1/2016

A free translation to English:

From water reservoir to knowledge reservoir is the self-description of Aquarius Wasser Museum in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. The water tower was built in 1892/93 when August Thyssen would arrange water supply for his rolling mills and mines. The 35 meter high water tower had a reservoir of 500 m³.

1912 transferred the water tower to the recently formed RWW Rheinish-Westfälisches Wassergesellschaft. In 1982 the tower was taken out of service and it as a historic building declared water tower become in 1992 a water knowledge center to highlight different aspects of the water. It has inspired Swedish counterparts.

Published 2016-02-10

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 2/2016

A free translation to English:

Water is health. You therefore becomes a bit jumbled up, when there on a water tower in Durham in the state of North Carolina in the US is advertising for a brand of cigarettes. The tower stands inside an old factory site for the American Tobacco Company, a company that offers Lucky Strike for sale.

Behind the water tower is a chimney, which also has advertising for the cigarette brand. It must be devastating advertising. The tobacco company left the university city of Durham in the late 1980s and since 2004 is there in the old factory building – offices, stores and restaurants. Hopefully this is a tobacco-free environment, without even a hookah.

Published 2016-03-16

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 3/2016

A free translation to English:

When it at home were introduced restrictions on water towers, such that they do not even get photographed, thoughts go easily to the old conclusion that if you get a security officer you also get problems with the security. It is then pleasing that in other countries it is still possible to visit these verticals.

Something you can do in the water tower in Bredene in Flanders in Belgium. The 50 m high tower from 1956 holds 800 m³ and with horizontal bands marks in the settlement. During the tourist season one can pay to get up the tower and get a view over the town, the nearby Oostende and the North Sea.

Published 2016-04-27

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 4/2016

A free translation to English:

In the northern French city of Yvetot standing in a light color painted water tower in reinforced concrete, not unlike many other French water towers. This tower also has a grassy roof, and there is no lack of the now almost obligatory antenna mast. Otherwise, it is the city’s name that is the most interesting from a Nordic perspective.

Like many place names in Normandy and for the sake of even the British Isles got its name under the Scandinavian conquest in 800s and 900s, what today is known as the Viking Age. The name Yvetot corresponds on pure Scanian with Ivetofta, a village at Ivö lake in the northeastern Scania.

Published 2016-06-08

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 5/2016

A free translation to English:

The water tower in the city of Anderson, Indiana, USA, can be a nameplate that beats most, if you live as shown in the picture. It might even be worth taking the name Anderson. The city is named after Chief William Anderson, whose mother was a Native American from Delaware and the father a Swedish tradesman.

At the census of the United States goes one into details that are foreign to us. Thus, the most recent census: Of the city’s 60 000 residents, 82% was white, 15% African-Americans but only 0.3% Indians. So William Anderson would if he had lived today, belonged to a minority.

Published 2016-08-24

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 6/2016

A free translation to English:

In German Silesian capital Breslau was built 1904-05 a lavish water tower in bricks designed by architect Karl Klimm. The design was a medieval castle in a mixture of neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic facade and decorated with mythical animals in sandstone. In the ground floors were there official residences for the servants at the water works and in 42 meters height a viewing platform, which could be reached by elevator.

The water tower survived undamaged through WWII. In the mid-1980s ceased the operation of the water tower and in 1995 became the tower restored and houses now a restaurant and conference facilities. Today, the water tower stands in Polish Wrocław.

Published 2016-09-21

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 7/2016

A free translation to English:

The world’s largest camera obscura of its kind found in a water tower in the German Mülheim an der Ruhr. The 25.5 meter high water tower was built in 1904 to supply the national railway’s steam engines with water. The area with roundhouses and a large railway workshop was bombed in 1943, but luckily survived the water tower without damage.

When Mülheim 1992 organized a large garden exhibition in the railway area, was installed at the top of as a historic building declared water tower a camera obscura, as here meant that in a dark room through a small light aperture in the ceiling and through the lenses depicted outside world.

Published 2016-11-02

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 8/2016

A free translation to English:

The city Skjern in Danish Western Jutland is created by the railway. Here stands since 1898 a 15 m high water tower for supply to the steam engines. It is designed by NPC Holsø, one of Denmark’s leading railway architects. The tower is listed building since 1981.

Skjern, located in a Free Church area, was once an alcohol dry area. But there was a watering hole. At the railway restaurant could thirst quenched, but only if you had a train ticket. Therefore, it was sold many tickets to the closest station – Tarm 4 km away. The number of persons that really traveled between the stations was considerably less.

Published 2016-12-07

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