Water Towers: California

Bakersfield, Norris Road (JSS Almonds) (industry)

N 35.4202 – W 119.0625

Chowchilla, Lincoln Road

N 37.0828 – W 120.4720

Davis, La Rue Road (University of California, Davis)

N 38.5351 – W 121.7509

Fairfield, Empire Street

N 38.25011 – W 122.0400

Fresno, Fresno Street – O Street

N 36.7392 – W 119.7872

Läs om vattentornet i Fresno – Ebers vattentorn – Cirkulation nr 7/1999.
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Signs at the water tower and below the signs text

This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

The Fresno Water Tower

Designed by architect George S. Mayer of Chicago, Illinois. It was completed in november 1894, replacing two wooden tanks erected on this site in 1887. The tower stands 100 feet high with a tank capacity of 250.000 gallons. This facility modeled after the Chicago water tower of 1867, was designed to house the Fresno City Library on the 2nd and 3rd levels. The brick walls are double construction, from one to two feet thick, with a space of three feet between them.

Plaque erected 1966 by the City of Fresno Floyd Hyde, Mayor.

Elvin C. Bell, Pat O Camaroda, James F. Mandella, Curtis F. Nagel,
Paul G. Wasemiller, Ted C. Wills. John L. Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer.

An American Water Landmark significant in the history of public water supply. Designated by American Water Works Association.

George M. Bowman 1891-1984
This water tower is dedicated to George M. Bowman in recognition for thirty-six years of dedicated service to the City of Fresno and for his accomplishments as a naval officer. He was the city’s first chief engineer and became general manager of the Water Department. He designed innovative electrical systems for street lighting, several well known public buildings and Chandler Air Field. Attaining the rank of rear admiral in the Navy, his career was distinguised by courage, leadership and diplomacy. It earned him the Silver Star, one of the nations’s highest medals for heroism awarded by the president of the United States. In conspicuous gallantry aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga carrier he restored power to the ship, saving the crew and vessel. The chinese government decorated him with the Cravate Blue of the Order for Meritorious Participation in the Sino-American cooperative organization. For his outstanding contributions to the armed forces, the veterans and reservists he recieved the governor Earl Warren Trophy. We remember a man of valor who worked toward progress, world peace, understanding and the well-being of others.
City Council
Karen Humprey, Mayor, Craig Scharton, Tom Bohigian, Tom MacMichael, Chris Peterson, Les Kimber, Rod Anaforian

James E. Aldredge, City Mayor
Dedicated July 4, 1989

Fresno, Pearl Street

Guadalupe, 10th Street (tower demolished)

N 34.9704 – W 120.5711

Imperial County, Lakeside Drive (Storm’s Crossing)

N 32.7674 – W 115.6934

Kingsburg, Smith Street/Lewis Street

N 36.5146 – W 119.5516

Läs om vattentornet i Kingsburg – Ebers vattentorn – Cirkulation nr 5/1998.
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T-shirt bought in 1993 in the Swedish Village of Kingsburg.

Los Angeles, Anaheim

Los Angeles, Burbank, South Hollywood Way (Warner Bros Studios)

N 34.1505 – W 118.3386

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Melrose Avenue (Paramount Pictures)

N 34.1505 – W 118.3386

Los Angeles, Culver City, Overland Avenue (Sony Pictures)

N 34.0175 – W 118.4018

Los Angeles, Norwalk

Los Angeles, Culver City, Doheny Oil Fields, Baldwin Hill

Los Angeles, Culver City, Ladera Heights

Los Angeles, Vernon

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Griffith Park

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Griffith Park (Observatory)

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Griffith Park (Observatory)

Los Angeles, Downtown

Los Banos, Madison Avenue

N 37.0527 – W 120.8535

Los Banos, Poleline Road (Dos Amigos Pumping Plant)

N 36.9230 – W 120.8277

Madera, East South Street

N 36.9701 – W 120.0658

Madera, East 7th Street

N 36.9603 – W 120.0567

Mountain View, North Shoreline Boulevard

N 37.4313 – W 122.0873

Napa County, St Helena Highway

N 38.4778 – W 122.4405

Napa County, Manley Lane

N 38.4519 – W 122.4184

Nipom Mesa

Oakville, Oakville Cross Road (Silver Oak Cellars)

N 38.4409 – W 122.3818

Pixley, Center Street

N 35.9679 – W 119.2922

Sacramento, Freeport Boulevard

N 38.4751 – W 121.5057

Sacramento, J Street

N 38.5714 – W 121.4637

San Diego (Downtown)

San Diego, Howard Avenue/Idaho Street (North Park)

N 32.7543 – W 117.1343

San Francisco, Spear Street (tower demolished)

N 37.7882 – W 122.3886

Läs om vattentornet i San Francisco – Ebers vattentorn – Cirkulation nr 4/2004.
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San Francisco, Alcatraz

N 37.8275 – W 122.4238

San Joaquin Valley (west of Fresno)

San Joaquin Valley (west of Fresno)

San Jose, Levee Road

N 37.4068 – W 121.9301

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San Simeon, Cabrillo Highway

Läs om vattentornet i San Simeon – Ebers vattentorn – Cirkulation nr 3/1999.
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Seal Beach, Anderson Street (converted)

N 33.7244 – W 118.0785

Schafter, Zerker Road (GAF) (industry)

N 36.3409 – W 119.4057


South Pasadena, E State Street

N 36.1248 – W 118.1486

Sunnyvale, West California Avenue

N 37.3811 – W 122.0350

Tehachapi, East Tehachapi Boulevard

N 37.1321 – W 118.4465

Visalia, West Goshen Avenue (industry)

N 36.3409 – W 119.4057