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The leading trade paper in Sweden VA-tidskriften Cirkulation has a series about water towers under the headline Ebers vattentorn (Eber's Water Towers). Here are the same pictures and texts (translated) of interesting water towers in the world except Scania and Sweden, as in the journal.

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Eber's Water Towers 2015

by Eber Ohlsson

Cirkulation 1/2015

A free translation to English:

Who gets the most attention? In a modern world, there is always signals that demands your attention. This can apply to commercial activities, such as the furniture store at the picture, with Swedish roots and with their colors manifests precisely this origin.

It can also apply to an activity such as water supply, as the water tower at the picture on the outskirts of Rimini, Italy. With its painted checkerboard pattern and its height, the tower catches the eye. It will perhaps be an equable battle in attention. Financially, the store will however probably get more benefit of your attention than what the Rimini water companies Amir get.

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Cirkulation 2/2015

A free translation to English:

Water towers contain normally drinking water, but in Austin, capital of Texas, there is since 2010 a water tower containing 7 500 m³ recycled water and it is the first of seven planned towers. The recycled water consists treated wastewater that otherwise would escaped into the nearby river. This secondary water can be used for irrigation, cooling, and in industry.

On the tower roof is done collecting rainwater, which also has 48 solar panels generating electricity. Austin is located in Texas inland and receives less than 100 mm of rain per year. It is always wise to economize with their limited resources.

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Cirkulation 3/2015

A free translation to English:

Holiday house is often associated with a small house on a lake or the sea. However, there are alternatives, like the water tower in the northern German town of Plön. The town is located in an area called Holstein Switzerland, an area shaped by the last ice age.

The 42 m high water tower was built in 1913 and held the 150 m³ of water before it was decommissioned in 1974. The Water Board wanted to tear it down, but instead it became a historic building. With a new owner was the tower in 1984 converted into a residence. So now one can rent 100 m² apartment and take a bath in a water tower and at a balcony that goes around the entire tower, have views over the Plön's lake system.

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Cirkulation 4/2015

The Swedish word "Ranka" can be translated to "Rocker", it means to sit and ride on someone's lap.

A free translation to English:

"Ride, ride Ranka - the horse is named Blanka" begins a popular nursery rhyme in the Nordic countries. How coming a water tower in this context? Well, in the Belgian city of Namur most prosperous area and high above the Walloon town stands a water tower from 1913, with a water reservoir of 110 m³. The street closest to the tower is called 'Avenue Blanche de Namur', and Blanche will translated to Swedish be Blanka.

Blanka in the nursery rhyme is 1300's king Magnus Eriksson's queen, who just came from Namur. The person that rode rocker was her son Håkan, who later became king of Norway. See what the clutch to a water tower, with views of the rivers Meuse and Sambre, can provide.

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Cirkulation 5/2015

A free translation to English:

The particle accelerators at CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, is situated in transboundary circular tunnels in both France and Switzerland. Here in neighbourhood of Geneva is there researched on the smallest constituents of matter, discoveries that have given scientists the Nobel Prize. It was also here that the World Wide Web was developed.

Something that also has spreading throughout the world is the molecule H2O. Next straight over the two tunnels is there a water tower in French CERN area, not many meters from the border with Switzerland and the vineyards there. Even tower photos can become transnational.

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Cirkulation 6/2015

A free translation to English:

It lives only about 700 inhabitants in the Swedish-town of Stanton, Iowa, USA, a city as in spite of that has the two water towers with richly-decorated floral motif. The older tower, which stands in the churchyard, is shaped like a coffee pot, 11 m high and with a diameter of 6 m. It is declared to be the largest Swedish coffee pot in the world.

The entire water tower is 38 m high and holds 150 m³. The tower became a coffee pot in 1971 in honor of the actress Virginia Christine, born in Stanton, and as on television for many years in the role of Mrs. Olson did commercials for a famous coffee brand.

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Cirkulation 7/2015

A free translation to English:

In Germany it is not unusual to find war-damaged churches or churches that have become ruins. Hanseatic City of Merseburg, located between the cities of Halle and Leipzig, was hard hit during the Second World War, not least because there is great chemistry industries near the city, there among other things synthetic gasoline was produced.

In the town is also the ruin of the Church of St. Sixti, founded in 1045 and during the 1500s rebuilt to late Gothic, but that was became ruin during the Thirty Years War. The old church tower was rebuilt in 1888 to the city's new water tower, a function it is now, however, have lost.

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Cirkulation 7/2015

A free translation to English:

Weathervanes as church roosters are not uncommon, so why could not such rooster also be on a water tower? What it does on the tower in Danish Jægersborg, north of Copenhagen. It is easy to observe, since the tower is the aim for those traveling on the highway south to the Danish capital.

The tower, built in 1955, is designed by architect Edward Thomsen. In recent years, it has set up recreational facilities in the tower's lower floors and 36 youth apartments on the levels under the reservoir. The architect Dorte Mandrup is here with the light window constructions faceted the tower.

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