Eber’s water towers – Poland

The leading trade journal in Sweden, VA-tidskriften Cirkulation has since 1998 an article series under the heading Ebers vattentorn (Eber’s water towers), where Eber Ohlsson with text and photo presents interesting water towers in the world (except Scania and Sweden). Below is a free translation to English of these texts.

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 3/2021

A free translation to English:

When the SecondWorld War was over, the border between Germany and Poland came to be the Oder and Neiße rivers. It also meant that cities that crossed the river came after the war to end up in different countries. One such city is Görlitz, where the eastern district is now located in Poland and is called Zgorzelec.

Even if a border is moved, those who live there must have water and perhaps a water tower. In Zgorzelec, therefore, a water tower was built in 1969 consisting of three concrete cylinders with a diameter of 4.2 meters and 28.5 meters high, standing in triangle, each containing 260 m³, connected by glass walls and a staircase in the middle.

Published 2021-05-05

Eber’s water towers in Cirkulation 6/2016

A free translation to English:

In German Silesian capital Breslau was built 1904-05 a lavish water tower in bricks designed by architect Karl Klimm. The design was a medieval castle in a mixture of neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic facade and decorated with mythical animals in sandstone. In the ground floors were there official residences for the servants at the water works and in 42 meters height a viewing platform, which could be reached by elevator.

The water tower survived undamaged through WWII. In the mid-1980s ceased the operation of the water tower and in 1995 became the tower restored and houses now a restaurant and conference facilities. Today, the water tower stands in Polish Wrocław.

Published 2016-09-21