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Four managers 2009
A free translation to English. The original version published in Swedish 2009-03-18.
Even published in VA-tidskriften Cirkulation 3/2009

Eber Ohlsson

Four managers of the Malmö Water and Sewerage Works were got together at Sigvard Gudmundson in his 100 year birthday Mars 18th 2009. From left: Stig Sjögren (60), Sigvard Gudmundson (100), Bengt L Persson (72) and Gunnar Behre (87).

Wednesday Mars 18th 2009 was the former manager of the Malmö Water and Sewerage Works, Sigvard Gudmundson congratulated on his 100th birthday. He was manager 1951-1974. Those who congratulated him were the present manager Stig Sjögren that has been manager since 1999. Here was even Gunnar Behre that was manager 1974-1981, and who succeeded Sigvard Gudmundson, when he retired Mars 31st 1974. Congratulated did even the former manager Bengt L Persson, manager 1987-1999. The congratulaton quintet was even the present assistant manager Bengt Andersson and the engineer Eber Ohlsson (1968- , that has had all the four as manager). The person celebrating his birthday was merry and in good health and joked with the congratulatory.

Here is three younger managers, that not yet had reach the worthy of respect age 100 years, on theirs way with gifts to congratulate the 100 years celebrating manager Sigvard Gudmundson. From left: Gunnar Behre, Bengt L Persson and Stig Sjögren.

Photo: Claes Gudmundson 2009
The four managers and the writer (63).

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