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Water tower models

Models by Mieke Meijer

The water tower models below are made by Mieke Meijer, a Dutch designer. She is very much inspired by industrial architecture and the photographs of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

The models in the photos are aluminium castings. There have been a few problems with the casting process, which is why these first models are showing some imperfections. Once the casting process has been perfected, water tower models will probably be produced in small series or as limited editions. I took the photos in November 2018 at an art gallery in Eindhoven.
/Wilco Krul

Photo of one of the water tower models, which shows the original result of the casting process.
The most noticeable imperfection is that the lower parts of the tower legs are missing (these parts were added later). Mieke Meijer is also visible in the photo, which provides a good indication of the size of the water tower model. (The photo was taken by Beeldenstorm, which is the organisation/workshop where Mieke Meijer is casting her water tower models.)         /Wilco Krul.

Modell av Valsta vattentorn i Sigtuna

The Valsta water tower as an ashtray, a gift by Sven Schunnesson.

© Eber Ohlsson 1999

Modell av Hyllie vattentorn i Malmö

A gift.

A gift.

Modell av Södervärns vattentorn i Malmö

© Eber Ohlsson 2005

Baltiska utställningen 1914

Modell av vattentorn på Margitön i Budapest

Modell av vattentorn i Eberswalde

Modell av vattentorn i Waldsieversdorf

Water Towers
Orientering Upp
Senast uppdaterad 181215