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A free translation to English:
Awakened water tower
Published in VA-tidskriften Cirkulation 5/2013

Eber Ohlsson

© Eber Ohlsson 2013

The 110 years old water tower in the central park of Malmö, Pildammarna served as a water tower in only 13 years. Subsequently, it had no function other than to be a beautiful eye-catcher in the park. But 1986 brought the tower from her beauty sleep by engineer Göran Lundström, then responsible of building maintenance at the VA-verket (Water and Wastewater Works).

Göran’s idea was that in the summers have art exhibitions in the tower. Therefore, has employees that has been interested of arts been responsible for that various artists, individual or collective, been given two weeks in the period from May to October. In recent years has Rose-Marie Olsson been responsible for operations.
Three exhibitions have been different, the exclusive "Swedish Textile Art: The Khalili Collection from London" winter of 1996, Scania Handicraft Association with craft activity at the beginning of the century, and a memorial exhibition in 2003 made by the writer, an exhibition of the tower, Malmö’s water history, and the city at the tower's inception.

The number of artists who have exhibited has been 30-40 per year and summed the number of exhibition periods, it has now in the end been approximately 300. Hopefully there will be more. It is only to say that the tower has been a gallery twice as long as there has been water tower.

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